One Quarter Beef Price: $5.50 per pound of hanging weight
Half Beef Price: $5.00 per pound of hanging weight
Whole Beef Price: $4.50 per pound of hanging weight

“Hanging Weight” is the beef weight after the hide, hooves and internal organs, not otherwise processed, are removed. The two halves of beef are weighed and then hung in a refrigerated room at a constant temperature for 10 to 14 days at a USDA inspected processor. During this “dry aging process” the moisture in the beef decreases and the flavor and tenderness increase. After the aging process, the halves are cut, vacuum packed, labeled and frozen. Approximately one-third of the “hanging weight” is lost during the dry aging and cutting process.

For example, a two-year old Black Angus Steer weighs approximately 1000 lbs. The hanging weight of a whole beef is approximately 600 lbs and a half beef is approximately 300 lbs. After the dry aging and cutting process, the finished weight is 400 lbs for a whole beef and 200 lbs for a half beef.

After processing is complete, we will transport your order back to our farm for you to pick up at a convenient, scheduled time. Picking up your order will give you the opportunity to visit our farm in beautiful Orange County.

What you’re buying when you purchase from us
A known producer and source of beef
No growth hormones, antibiotics & steroids
Only grass-fed cows
No pasture pesticides and chemical fertilizers
Beef that is dry-aged
You are receiving fresh, wholesome, nutritious beef to serve at your table.

A non-refundable deposit of $250 for a quarter been, $500 for a half beef order and $1000 for a whole beef order is required upon placement of your order. We accept credit cards by phone (2% processing fee applies) at 804-514-5330 and check or money order by mail. If you mail in your deposit, please send to:

White Gate Farms
c/o Arlington Palmer
PO Box 335
Port Haywood, VA 23138