What kind of cattle do you raise?

Our Black Angus calves are born and raised on our farm. They are visited soon after their birth by our veterinarian and receive the prescribed vaccinations for a healthy life. We believe in humane treatment for all the animals on our farm. They are weened late from their mothers and grow to maturity on non-chemical grass pastures. They are provided the necessary minerals and well water, the same water we drink. No grains or growth hormones are fed to our cows.

How do I make a purchase?

We are a small farm and sell our grass-fed beef by pre-order only. We encourage you to get on our mailing list and place your order as soon as possible. Reach out to us either by email (spalmer4802@gmail.com) or phone (804-514-5330) if you want to reserve a full, half or quarter cow or if you simply want to be placed on our email list. We take our cows to a Virginia USDA-inspected facility near the farm for processing and then you’ll pick up your finished beef back at the farm. Harvesting takes place year-round.

What should I expect in my order?

The finished, processed average weight in a quarter order is 100 lbs, in a half order 200 lbs. and in a whole order 400 lbs.

A finished order includes the processing, vacuum packing, labeling and freezing of your order.

A family of 4 eats an average of 4 pounds of beef per week which equals a half order in one year.

The amount of freezer space required for a quarter order is 4 cubic feet, half order is 8 cubic feet and 16 cubic feet for a whole order. Vacuum-sealed beef lasts at least one year in your freezer.

Click here to see cuts of beef in a whole and half order.

What is the difference between “dry aging” Beef & “wet aging”?

Wet aging is the process of packing large cuts of meat soon after slaughter. It is then shipped to supermarkets and processed into the packages you see in the meat section. We dry-age our meat, a process where the beef is hung in a refrigerated room at a constant 34 – 38° F for 10 - 14 days. During that time, moisture decreases and flavor increases. The meat also becomes more tender. Even though the dry aging takes longer and is more expensive, you will taste the flavor and tenderness when placed on your table and your family will benefit from a more nutritious beef.

Is grass-fed & finished beef better for me?

Our cows are grass-fed and grass-finished which means they are lower in fat and higher in Omega 3, beta-carotene and Vitamin E. We do not use growth hormones, steroids or routine antibiotics on the cows and we don’t use pesticides or chemical fertilizers at the farm. Grass-fed, grass-finished beef is also more flavorful than grain-fed conventional beef.

Yes! We’d love to show you around. White Gate Farms is conveniently located 35 minutes west of Fredericksburg, 45 minutes northeast of Charlottesville and 25 minutes south of Culpeper. Richmond is approximately 60 minutes away from our farm. We’re open by appointment most days of the week. Contact us in advance so we can be there to greet you when you arrive (804-514-5330).

Can I visit the farm?

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