about our cows

We have a closed heard of Black Angus cows. Our Black Angus calves are born and raised on our farm. They are visited soon after their birth by our veterinarian and receive the prescribed vaccinations for a healthy life. They are weened late from their mothers and grow to maturity on non-chemical, grass pastures. They are provided the necessary minerals and well water, the same water we drink. No grains or growth hormones are fed to our cows.

Grass-fed and grass finished beef cows are lower in fat than grain finished cows. The beef is higher in Omega 3, beta carotene and Vitamin E; free from growth hormones, steroids, routine antibiotic, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Beef cows finished in feedlots where they are given corn and other grains continuously to force a weight gain, do gain weight rapidly. Because the stomachs of cows are meant to digest grasses, and not grains, it causes enough health problems to require the routine use of antibiotics. This constant exposure of cows to antibiotics has become an issue in the medical world.

The dry aging process we use is far better than the wet aging process used by commercial processors. Wet aging is the process of packing large cuts of meat soon after slaughter, then shipping it to supermarkets where it is cut and packaged into what you see in the meat section. Our dry aging process is where the beef is hung in a refrigerated room at a constant cool temperature for 10 to 14 days. During the aging process, the moisture decreases and the flavor increases. The beef also becomes more tender.

When you purchase our black angus beef, you will notice a difference in its flavor and tenderness from what you purchase at the super market. Our cows are locally born and raised in a healthy environment, providing you a better product.

About US

Here’s a gallery of pictures of life on the farm.

All photography taken by family members